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Your Search For Your Why it Matters

Everybody wants to be happy all the time; at work, at home, everywhere. Executive coaches work on business behavior, guiding leaders and teams to better communication and better relationships. The things executives learn from their coaches apply everywhere in their lives: in their homes, with their families, and out in their communities. They have better personal relationships. Better relationships lead to happiness and satisfaction. Knowing your Why It Matters will help lead you to happiness. You can choose to become aware, discover your Why It Matters, and be happier in the process. That is a fact.

You are heading for the summit. Just as each one of us is unique, each climb will be different. This mountain has more than one path to the top. Even if two people take exactly the same route to the top, there will be slight variations in foot placement, stride length, and a thousand other minute details. Your climb is individual and totally unique to you alone.

To arrive at your Why It Matters, you have to explore four things about yourself. It is helpful to think about a compass as you take this journey. You can remember the four things you have to explore by remembering north, south, east, and west. Each point of the compass will introduce a new way of looking at your Why It Matters.

The points of the compass are each accompanied by a key word that represents part of your life.

NORTH: EXPOSURE – your upbringing and experience; stories you have learned from
SOUTH: EVIDENCE – the basis and foundation for your choices; stories you tell to other people
WEST: EXCITEMENT – you might think of the American Wild West; things that encourage your passion
EAST: ESSENCE – the wisdom of the East, your spiritual side; things that give you peace

We associate these four elements: exposure, evidence, excitement, and essence with points of the compass to make them easier to remember. Start looking for your Why it Matters, it might change the direction you are heading.

Guest blog by Brenda Corbett of Sherpa Coaching. Brenda is an executive coach, author, educator, training designer, and speaker. She coaches top level executives in the U.S. and around the world.

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Why Ask “Why?”

As business leaders, we often find ourselves asking a lot of questions. We have become proficient at asking all of the standard questions: Who? What? When? Where? How? We ask who the client or target market is, what the customer wants us to deliver, when and where they want it, and how much they’re willing (or able) to pay for it. While these are all very important questions, we very often miss what I think is the most important question…why?

Asking why gets past all of the objective data and really forces us to examine ourselves. When we look at why, there are really two basic angles we need to focus on; one causes us to examine ourselves, and the other the company or organization. The first question comes from Sherpa Coaching…“why it matters,” or more specifically, why does it matter to us? The second question is, why does our company/organization do what we do? Rephrased, that might be why do other people want to do business with us (buy our products or services)?

Brenda Corbett with Sherpa Coaching preaches “why it matters.” The “why is matters” is a Sherpa Coaching concept that addresses your core motivating factor. Your “why it matters” gets you out of bed in the morning, it makes you successful in your career, and it ultimately can become your greatest weakness if not managed. Ask yourself, why are you doing what you’re doing? Knowing your “why it matters” helps you understand what gives you contentment, or what causes you dissatisfaction…it helps you understand why you do the things that you do.

The second why comes from one of my favorite TED talks, and presenter Simon Sinek. Simon talks about what he calls the Golden Circle. At the center of that Golden Circle is the question why. The traditional business approach starts at the outside of the circle and works its way in to the middle. The outside of the circle is what…what do we do/sell (what’s our product or service)? Then moving inward, we have how…how do we do it? The how is often our unique selling proposition or point of differentiation. It’s at the how that most businesses stop…they miss asking “why?”

Simon says that “people don’t buy what we do, they buy why we do it.” So the question then is, why does your company/organization do what it does? This answer to this is not profit; that is a result. This is the purpose or cause of your existence. This is what, more than anything, will influence the behavior of your customers, and ultimately why they will choose to do business with you.

Once you’ve found the answer to the question “why?” the rest becomes very easy…just start at the middle of the circle and work your way out. Lead with your why, then convey your how, finishing with your what. Presenting the information in this fashion connects with the primal tenants of biology in the brain of your customer, and how the brain processes information and makes decisions. When you lead with the “why?” it appeals directly to the emotional portion of your brain, your gut feeling, and then finishes with the rational portion of the brain. As many of us are probably aware of, emotion drives action, it drives purchasing decisions. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it!”

For example, here’s what SpotOn Productions’ Golden Circle looks like:

Why: We believe the process to create great visual communication should be uncomplicated and gratifying.

How: Our Production Brief streamlines the video production process, yet covers all the details, allowing our experienced production staff do what they do best…create.

What: Creative, engaging productions…spot on with your communication goals.

Today, tomorrow, this week…sit down and figure out the answers to your whys. Not only will you better understand yourself and your company, but it will help you stand out with your customers, especially when it comes to them making the decision of who to spend money with. When you lead with why, people will chose to work with you because it’s what feels best to them.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of Sherpa Coaching’s book, “Why It Matters: The Sherpa Guide to What You Are Looking For” by Brenda Corbett and Jennifer Chloupek for more on why it matters. You can also check out Simon Sinek’s TED talk called “How great leaders inspire action” at for more on the Golden Circle concept.

Blog by: Ian Murray

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Video & Your Small Business Website

Many small business owners are frequently asking me if they should add video content to their website, and if so, why? The answer: Yes! The simple truth is that we live in an age of online video. More than 84% of Americans are watching videos online. People are looking at over 33 billion videos monthly. On average, a person will spend 11 hours a month watching video content online. Nearly 40% of all this video content is on YouTube, which also happens to be the easiest way to add video to your site. Two big reasons for adding this video content to your website are search engine optimization (SEO) and video is the future of online media.

The media diet of our society is quickly changing to include more than just traditional media (TV, radio, print), moving to mobile and online. Anymore, people really don’t want to read text; they want video, they want images. In a hyper-distracted society, people are looking for short, succinct, and direct to-the-point information. Video allows you to make a point (or two), keep it moving fast, and keep the audience’s attention. Adding online video content can give your website a personal presence, which is important in our increasingly social society. Viewers can associate with a person and not just a logo followed by a page of text. Changing this content regularly (recommended monthly) will keep your site fresh, and the viewer engaged.

Adding video to your business site can also help with SEO; how people search for and find your company online. According to Mashable, YouTube has just become the second largest search engine in the English-speaking world. Using YouTube to host your video (with their video title, description, and tags) can help people find your specific content. Adding this video content make your website more interesting to visit, plus make it easier for your customer to find you, and learn more about what you offer. By frequently adding fresh new content, your information is more searchable and it’s more likely people will find what you’ve created! For best results, update your content with something new on a regular basis, and spend some time attaching strong, relevant information about the content that you’ve created.

So now you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I get something that looks professional enough for my company, but fits within my budget?” This is where MMR can help. We offer monthly video recording sessions that allow you to record a new 3-5 minute video for your site for only $250. We will take care of all the set-up, recording, editing, and compressing so it’s ready to upload to YouTube. All you have to do is get your words ready and rehearsed before you come! Give us a call at 513-779-4223 and we can give you all the details and discuss your specific needs.

Now that you know why video content on your small business website is important, and that you can get it done professionally, easily, and affordably, let MMR help you take the next step. One last benefit to using YouTube to add new video content to your website…it’s already optimized for mobile! Now people can use their mobile devices to view and search for your content. Remember: use a short, direct message that speaks personally to your audience.

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