Video Marketing: Why is it so Effective?

Video marketing has shifted our perceptions in modern times massively. The staggering statistics that accompany videos are worth a read. Today, 50% of all internet traffic is videos, a number that is estimated to increase to almost 79% in 2018. Almost 93% of all marketers now rely on video content to market their products. The largest segment influenced by videos is millennials. And they are a lucrative target audience because the figures suggest that starting this year, this generation will be spending $200 billion annually. That is a piece of the pie you don’t want to miss.

So what makes videos so effective as a marketing medium for millennials and the population in general? We analyze some of the reasons:

They are interactive.

There is something about videos that keep your customer interested for longer periods of time. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg has said that its users watch 4 billion videos every day. 4 BILLION! That’s a huge number. Millennials find video content much more attractive than any other form of marketing. A video somehow makes life simpler. Reading a tutorial is boring, watching a video based on it is much more interesting. A video is more relatable. A live person explaining a concept is much easier to comprehend than written definitions that sometimes fly right over your head.
The giants of the social media and marketing world agree. Zuckerburg has pointed out that most of the content on his website will be videos.

They keep visitors on your site longer.

Facebook and Instagram news feeds are like quicksand. You open the app and you go on scrolling forever. Much of this is achieved through videos. Once you come across a video it is hard to ignore. Therefore, as a result, you play one video after the other. It is no surprise that videos make up a substantial chunk of consumer traffic on the internet.

Most viral campaigns shot by major players in the market, be them automotive, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), jewelry, sports, or anything at all, are now moving to videos. The greatest third-party endorsements from brands also go to video bloggers. One YouTube channel, Dude Perfect for example, has a massive 24 million subscribers, bringing them big money and advertisement deals from some of the biggest names in the business.
It is easy to see that videos are the next big thing. They will be dominating the internet very soon and if you’re a marketer or a business looking to draw in customers, video content marketing is the go-to platforms. One thing that needs to be taken into account is that adding video content should be accompanied with upgrading your website so that it doesn’t slow down under the extra load because as effective as videos are in keeping customers interested, a slow loading website turns into a major throw off within seconds.

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