How to Launch a New Product & Sell Out in Four Weeks

In today’s digital age, the power of video cannot be underestimated when it comes to launching a new product. A well-crafted and professionally produced video has the ability to capture attention, convey information effectively, and create a lasting impact on viewers. By investing in high-quality videos as part of your product launch strategy, you can engage your target audience in a visually compelling way that leaves a lasting impression.

One of the main benefits of using professional videos for introducing a new product is their ability to tell a story. Through captivating visuals, engaging narratives, and persuasive messaging, videos have the power to emotionally connect with consumers and build excitement around your offering.

Meet the Girl With No Name

Take a look at “The Girl With No Name”, which was created to support the launch of Drew Estate’s latest addition to their Deadwood cigar line, released exclusively through Fox Cigar.

SpotOn Productions partnered with Wolffhaus Creative on the project. We collaborated on the creative, shot all of the footage, edited and provided the VFX (visual effects). This video was showcased online, on social media and in email marketing campaigns all of which helped create the buzz around this exciting new product launch:

Fox Cigar – The Girl With No Name from SpotOn Productions on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes footage is becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Audiences are no longer satisfied with just watching the final product; they want a glimpse into the making of the video. This behind-the-scenes content allows fans to connect with their favorite brands and gain a deeper understanding of the production process.

During the main production of any project, there are countless opportunities to capture behind-the-scenes moments. From candid conversations, to funny bloopers and technical challenges faced by staff, these moments provide an authentic peek into the world behind the camera. Behind-the-scenes footage often showcases the camaraderie among cast and crew members, revealing their relationships and interactions that did not make the final cut.

Girl With No Name – BTS from SpotOn Productions on Vimeo.

Building a Complete Content Strategy

Along with the main feature, we also shot and edited additional videos to support the launch and build interest in the product, the brand and the production process.

Curious about how they came up with the name? Watch this exclusive interview for the full story:

Fox Cigar & Drew Estate -Mitchell Fox and Joey “The Wizard” talk Girl with No Name from SpotOn Productions on Vimeo.

Take a tour with with Willie Herrara and listen in on a one-on-one with Mitchell Fox in the following videos:

Fox Cigar – Special Interview with Willie Herrera from Drew Estate from SpotOn Productions on Vimeo.

Fox Cigar – Tour of El Titan de Bronze Cigars from SpotOn Productions on Vimeo.

Fox Cigar was able to use these videos in a variety of ways including social media teasers, email marketing campaigns and more. The Girl With No Name cigars sold out in just four weeks and now these videos are still being used to encourage customers to join the waitlist for a future limited-release.

Let’s Go!

At SpotOn Productions, we specialize in crafting videos that assign a soul or a personality to a product, enticing buyers not just to want the product for its quality and features, but to associate themselves with the product identity that our videos create. We believe that extra layer helped tip sales into “crush-it” territory for Fox Cigar. The Girl With No Name commercial and docu-interview series created a legend and an identity for this product before it was even available for purchase.

A successful product launch requires proper planning, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. It should be an exciting time for your entire team as you put the spotlight on your latest innovation, your hardworking employees and your brand.

We’re ready to help you create a buzz-worthy content strategy for your next product launch. Let’s get started today.

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