Video Production

SpotOn Productions is a Telly Award winning, full service video production company serving greater Cincinnati and Dayton. From the ground to the sky (literally, with our Hawkeye unit), we’ll shoot video that is spot on with the look, feel, perspective and style that you need to effectively communicate your story to your target audience.

Our cinematographers and directors have the creativity, experience and know how to capture the great shots. Our Our producers and directors know how to relate to both on-camera rookies and seasoned professional talent in order to secure the best performance or interview. Our Production Brief streamlines the video production process, yet covers all the details, allowing us to produce a video that’s spot on with your expectations and budget. Plus, you’ll enjoy working with us!

Video is a powerful communication tool, reaching more people in more ways than ever before. Choose SpotOn Productions to produce a video that communicates to your target market in a way that will instruct, persuade, promote and call the viewer to action. Click here to see some examples of our video work.


SpotOn has been producing corporate videos since our beginning in 1998. Our founder, Mike Murray produced for AT&T and NCR. For a number of years, video has been a very effective way to communicate your message and connect one-on-one with your audience. Today in this digital world, delivery your corporate message via video is expected.

We produce corporate video that speaks to your target audience, not just in words but also in a visual manner, capturing attention and engaging the viewer. Corporate video can and should be compelling, contemporary, and creative. It should be produced to fit the message to the audience and how it will be delivered. We produce video that works on the web, in social media and at events and presentations. Click here to see some of our work and get a sense of the varied styles of corporate videos.


Ever think about why grade school kids do “show and tell?” It’s because seeing and hearing is a powerful combination when it comes to comprehending something new or challenging.

At SpotOn, we produce product and sales videos that capture attention and create interest plus effectively show your product, process, and people in action. Video footage shot on site, possibly with custom animation, can bring clarity to complex and difficult to explain topics and procedures.

A well-produced video will allow your sales team to take the plant or facility to the customer, show how them your business, illustrate your product in use or in production. Video can even capture your corporate culture, creating a desire for others to work with you.

Product and sales videos can and should be interesting, contemporary, and creative. And, they should be produced with the delivery method in mind. For example, high quality product video provides great content for your website, email marketing, and direct sales efforts. (Research shows that product pages with videos tend to see more that a 30% increase in conversions.)

SpotOn produces product and sales videos designed to communicate with a clear, concise message in an engaging, entertaining, yet always professional manner. We produce video that works at trade shows, in a presentation, at large events, on the web and in social media.

TV Spots

Telling a compelling story or sharing product benefits in 60-seconds or less takes the creativity, experience and expertise that you’ll find with the production team at SpotOn.

We provide creative full service television commercial production. From scripting through shooting, post production to upload, we provide the expertise and ability to bring a creative concept to life on screen. We know how to craft a spot that will capture attention and stand out. And, we’ll do it on time and on budget. At SpotOn Productions, you find Hollywood quality spots at a price you can afford. 

And, we make it easy for you…from the initial goal setting and creative session to finished commercial, we handle it all. We have access to a wide range of voiceover and on-camera talent plus originally scored music or a royalty free music library. Producing commercials is what we cut our teeth on… bring it on!


Using real people to tell your story, or to sing your praises is a believable, authentic and powerful way to communicate your message. The testimonial video presents an ideal format for the viewer to hear and see why they should work with you or use your product or service. Testimonial videos are a proven way to tell your story in a powerful, believable and cost-effective way.

With our experience and expertise, we make the testimonial production process stress-less and easy for you. Once we’ve worked with you to select your testimonial candidate(s), we will contact, schedule and brief them, craft the questions to ask that will elicit the responses you desire and secure release forms. Concept session to finished videos, we’ll handle it all. Our producers and directors know how to relate and reassure on-camera rookies and ask the questions in a way that secures the best interview. Click here to see examples of our testimonial videos.


Once upon a time, a business needed to be in the Yellow Pages to be credible. By the turn of the century…this century…. the business necessity was a website. Now, video on your website is a must.

Professionally produced videos on your website enhances your site and raises the perceived value of your whole organization. When web videos are on your site, research shows that visitors are more likely to become customers.

SpotOn Productions has a creative production process that simplifies web video production, so you get effective web videos yet spend less of your valuable time and money. We will craft and produce videos that speak to your audience in a style that fits who they are and what they are looking for on your site… web videos that will capture attention and engage the viewer.

We know how to deliver video to work on your website and also in social media and on video sharing websites like YouTube. (YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.) Click here to see examples of our web videos.


Videos that profile an award recipient or finalist have become very popular for providing entertainment at events as each video brings a personable, authentic view of the honorees. SpotOn Productions has provided awards videos for a multitude of well-respected organizations.

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