Corporate Videos: The 4 Essential Elements of an Effective Video

“Videos provide the opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images.”

Videos have established their dominance at the top of the content food chain. Statistics show that more than 50% of all content on the internet is now videos with the percentage expected to grow to more than 70% in the coming years. Social media giants like Facebook have said that in five years, all their content will be videos. There has to be a reason marketers are growing crazy over videos. It has to do with human psychology and how they find videos more informative and attractive.

Corporate videos include trainings, presentations, testimonials and alike. However, just making a video is not a guarantee for success. An effective video has to have a few essential ingredients. We list the most important ones here:

A Clear Message

This refers to the entire crux of the video; what you’re trying to tell your target audience. It so happens that during the course of a video the central idea or theme is lost amongst the flashes and expensive graphics and what you end up with, is a video that leaves the viewers confused. As a result, the message you intended to get across remains stranded and loses its purpose. It is, therefore, imperative to first develop a central idea and then base the elements of your video around it.

A Cohesive Flow

Having laid out a theme and decided the course of the things that will be portrayed in it, the next step is to ensure that all the parts are placed in a proper order. This is important to ensure that viewers don’t get lost as scenes or frames switch. It is essential to establish the story in such a way that it keeps the person immersed until the very end. For such an experience it is vital to make sure viewers can connect the dots without extra effort.

Powerful Execution

Execution refers to minute details that go into producing a video, for example, the edits, the graphics, the content selection, and arrangement etc. Sometimes a clear message and a powerful plot can be ruined by unprofessional and childish execution on part of the editors or even the actors, if any. Taking all the factors in a synchronized manner is what guarantees an effective end product that is actually worth your money.

A Lasting Impression

All the above-mentioned elements combined are responsible for embedding your message in the minds of the viewer. Regardless of what you were attempting to achieve, be it introducing a product or service, explaining a new concept, or maybe just demonstrating how something works, if you follow a set framework, the end product remains etched in the minds of the viewer for a long time, and there is a high probability that they come looking for you the next time they require the same.

Establishing a strong theme, laying effective plots and elements to show its execution, then knitting it together with immaculate editing and topping it off with meaningful content are the keys that unlock a new world of influence for you.

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