How to Leverage Change for Better Recruiting

As your business evolves, it’s important to evolve your video marketing as well. Changes in leadership, technology, location and workforce can all have a tremendous impact on defining who you are to your industry as a whole, your competition, your employees and potential new employees. Big changes are more obvious, but many companies change more slowly overtime so after 5 or 6 years a “new” company has emerged. Without a doubt, the most effective form of marketing to effectively showcase your business and its progress is video.

Video marketing offers a wide range of benefits for businesses that use it correctly. With videos featuring employees talking about their work or showcasing new products and services, you can provide potential customers with an inside look at your company culture and operations.

Additionally, videos are great for getting people interested in what you’re offering because they’re easier than ever to watch on a variety of devices at any time. When implemented correctly, videos can reach way beyond your website. Fresh video content also provides businesses with an opportunity to connect more authentically with their audience by sharing stories and demonstrating how they can help them solve problems or achieve goals.

Take a look at how Schaefer as changed. Here’s a video we filmed and produced more than 6 years ago:

And here’s a video project we’ve completed recently:

It is essential for your business to remain agile and adaptable in order to remain competitive and relevant. Video is an effective tool that can be used to showcase a business’s unique approach or values. It is also important to remember that change can be positive and should not be feared, but rather embraced as an opportunity for growth. Embracing change and utilizing video will allow businesses to better communicate their message and stand out from their competition.

Get in touch with our team today and let’s discuss how video can recruit new talent more efficiently.

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