Using Video as a Recruiting Tool



Right now, trying to hire great talent is more challenging than the Reds having a winning season. If your organization needs to step up its recruiting brand and improve candidate quality, it’s time to incorporate video into your recruiting and hiring processes. Below is some inspiration to help identify what routes would work best for your recruiting, so you can start converting engaged viewers into your next best hires.

Here are five great ways to effectively use video for recruiting:

1. Showcase Videos on Your Career Site

When interested candidates visit your career site, they are looking for ways to learn more about your brand and what it’s like to work for your organization. What better way to successfully communicate those things other than doing it with video? Showcase your company culture, provide employee testimonials, give insight into day-to-day responsibilities, or display your incredible workspaces. Using video to communicate a genuine representation of your company’s work style makes connecting with the right candidates more effective.

2. Incorporate Video into Your Job Postings

Embed relevant videos into your job advertisements to effectively communicate your company’s expectations. That way, candidates can better decipher whether they are a good fit for the position and your organization. A quintessential video for this section is a “day in the life” video. Showcase the position’s responsibilities and what the environment is like. This type of video really resonates with candidates, compelling them to apply when they feel it’s the right fit (and opting out when it’s not). A key thing to note is that videos help increase your SEO. Job postings that include video are more likely to appear in a job seeker’s search results than those that don’t.

3. Use Video at a Job Fair

Give job seekers an inside look into what it’s like to work for your organization. Set up a computer or tablet for on-site viewing or share the video links directly with job seekers. Using video at your job fair booth will drive more job seekers to learn about your company, and it will also help connect with ideal candidates.

4. Share Videos Across Social Networking Sites

Use video to expand your recruiting reach across social channels. Share recruiting videos via YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. Doing so will encourage viewers to share videos with their peers, extending your talent reach across multiple user networks.

5. Use Video After the Hiring Process

Video is an excellent employment tool even once you’ve sourced, interviewed, and hired. Create welcome videos to kick off an employee’s first day or custom training videos for onboarding. Improve your new hire’s performance by providing videos that help them better understand your company’s processes and values.

Video is quickly becoming a core aspect of recruiting. Each year, more and more companies are choosing to adapt their strategies by incorporating video. Gain a competitive advantage by starting the process of integrating video into your organization’s talent acquisition strategy today.

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