Video Conception: 5 Reasons Why it is Important

“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” – Steve Jobs

Videos are rapidly taking over the internet and the ripples are being felt elsewhere too. Marketing, training, orientations and briefings among other things are now employing videos to get the message across. However, a video is only as effective as the concept behind it. This means that the amount of effort that goes into making the video, the same amount has to go into planning for it. This blogs enlists the reasons why a strong concept is just as important as a sound execution.

Strategy Backed Planning is Important

With competition in businesses growing around the world, companies are now searching for ways that allow them to target their consumers more effectively.

One of the ways that studies have indicated for us is the idea of strategic marketing. Although the theory is quite simple, a vast majority of business executives overlook the significance of a properly drafted strategy.

This applies to every aspect, even videography. Be it training or marketing videos, they have to be backed by an illustrious strategy.

A Strong Concept Provides a Sound Foundation

The strategy and concept provides the basis on which the entire idea stands. Strategies involve answering broader questions like who the target audience is and how it is to be targeted. More importantly what you have that is different from others and how will the results be measured.

All these elements come together to make an effective video that communicates at its best with the respective crowd.

Brainstorming Allows Generation of New Ideas

A video concept generation activity requires numerous individuals from multiple departments to sit together and pool in their ideas. Strategy provides them a common platform to begin with and work their way up the ladder.

A meeting which has members of the video production company, the marketing and sales teams as well as some of the high-level executives can churn out a multitude of ideas that can give rise to one incredible video message.

Data Support Can Make a World of Difference

This is less of an importance and more of a recommendation. The data vs. instinct debate has been raging on for quite some time and while instinct holds its own relevance, data always trumps the gut feeling when it comes to decision making.

Data allows more substantial analysis and results to be generated, presented and acted upon providing a greater success ratio.

Increases the Effectiveness & Productivity of the Campaign

Once all these factors, a sound strategy backed by data and a constructive brain storming session has been completed and the best way forward has been determined, the concept and final video usually turns out to be a masterpiece in terms of the efficiency and productivity that it brings along with it.

These are some of the most important reasons why it is important to have a video based on strong conception. These concepts are generated in brain storming sessions that are summoned after a data backed strategy for the marketing or training video has been created. Put a good concept behind the video and the chances of it achieving its target increases considerably.

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