Video & Your Small Business Website

Many small business owners are frequently asking me if they should add video content to their website, and if so, why? The answer: Yes! The simple truth is that we live in an age of online video. More than 84% of Americans are watching videos online. People are looking at over 33 billion videos monthly. On average, a person will spend 11 hours a month watching video content online. Nearly 40% of all this video content is on YouTube, which also happens to be the easiest way to add video to your site. Two big reasons for adding this video content to your website are search engine optimization (SEO) and video is the future of online media.

The media diet of our society is quickly changing to include more than just traditional media (TV, radio, print), moving to mobile and online. Anymore, people really don’t want to read text; they want video, they want images. In a hyper-distracted society, people are looking for short, succinct, and direct to-the-point information. Video allows you to make a point (or two), keep it moving fast, and keep the audience’s attention. Adding online video content can give your website a personal presence, which is important in our increasingly social society. Viewers can associate with a person and not just a logo followed by a page of text. Changing this content regularly (recommended monthly) will keep your site fresh, and the viewer engaged.

Adding video to your business site can also help with SEO; how people search for and find your company online. According to Mashable, YouTube has just become the second largest search engine in the English-speaking world. Using YouTube to host your video (with their video title, description, and tags) can help people find your specific content. Adding this video content make your website more interesting to visit, plus make it easier for your customer to find you, and learn more about what you offer. By frequently adding fresh new content, your information is more searchable and it’s more likely people will find what you’ve created! For best results, update your content with something new on a regular basis, and spend some time attaching strong, relevant information about the content that you’ve created.

So now you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I get something that looks professional enough for my company, but fits within my budget?” This is where MMR can help. We offer monthly video recording sessions that allow you to record a new 3-5 minute video for your site for only $250. We will take care of all the set-up, recording, editing, and compressing so it’s ready to upload to YouTube. All you have to do is get your words ready and rehearsed before you come! Give us a call at 513-779-4223 and we can give you all the details and discuss your specific needs.

Now that you know why video content on your small business website is important, and that you can get it done professionally, easily, and affordably, let MMR help you take the next step. One last benefit to using YouTube to add new video content to your website…it’s already optimized for mobile! Now people can use their mobile devices to view and search for your content. Remember: use a short, direct message that speaks personally to your audience.

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